[EVENT] 121216 XIA DAY In Indonesia – Celebrating XIA JUNSU’s 27th birthday around the world


On 16 December 2012, Xiapwas from Indonesia held a birthday party for XIA JUNSU called ‘27th XIA DAY‘ in capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta and it’s also the first time XIA DAY being held in Indonesia.

Previously, XIA JUNSU for the first time hold a concert in Indonesia when he was touring for 1st Asia Tour Concert TARANTALLEGRA on 16 June 2012. From this solo concert, there were 2,500 Xiahpwas Indonesia were coming to see his powerful performance.

Xiapwas Indonesia made special pink cupcakes for Junsu, held a photo exhibition, wrote love letters for Xia Junsu, watched videos, quizzes and do many activities to share the happiness of celebrating Xia Junsu’s birthday around the world.



27th XIA DAY – Melody Awakes The Universe becoming the first XIA DAY being held all over the world including 23 cities in 16 countries such as Korea, Japan, China, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, America, Germany, Poland, Colombia, Chile, Peru and many more.

Happy 27th birthday to our adorable dolphinboy, XIA JUNSU ^____^


Photo credit: @1216RainyBear +@lindalukita + @xiahzaty + @xiccasoul

Shared by: MilkySu Indonesia


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